Friday, February 20, 2009


Going shopping?

Spend the 20 minutes and watch this first.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Internet Hair colour extravaganza. Have your say!!

"It's not even Spring!!" is what my Mom said when I told her I was thinking about colouring my hair.

True. It's December. There's no snow (although it is snowing now, and looks like it might keep coming) and I feel dull and drab. There's not really much a hair cut could do... plus it's nice to have it a bit longer so the ends peak out from under a toque. I'm not really going for the elf look my sister and I used to do, back in the day after chinese food buffet msg central.... Anyways, I'm bored and it's time for a change. Have your say in something (since apparently we can't do it politically). I'm curious. Help me out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why I like L'Occitane

Yesterday I had to go to L'Occitane to buy a few goodies. Most of their products contain only natural, if not organic, ingredients, so I had an interesting conversation with the sales woman about the advantages and disadvantages of using, and selling such products.

While we were chatting she gave me some samples for my mom to try, and asked me if my mom was about her age, mid 40's. Well, I'm not going to disclose that kind of information here, but I gave the woman the general age bracket so she could determine what might be best for her. She asked me if my mom had similar skin to mine, (she does) and then asked me what products I used. I told her, and then inquired if I should maybe consider using an anti-aging product.... she laughed out loud!!

With a slightly more serious look she then asked me if she could ask me how old I was.

"Thirty." I told her. It's the first time I've been asked since the decade changed for me, and it felt pretty good to say it, I must admit.

What followed felt even better.

"You're THIRTY???????" She responded, "Really????!!!! You have AMAZING skin. No wrinkles. NONE. You're really THIRTY?????? Just look at those pores- what pores!! You can't even see them. Thirty?!!"

Yes, but I was smiling like a little kid for hours after that encounter, and I must have looked like I was five the way I gleefully walked down the street swinging my bag full of goodies. Age really is only a number.... but since genetics do play a role...

Thanks for the amazing DNA, Mom!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The power of books.

I've been reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I finished it this afternoon while I was on a break from teaching, enjoying a yummy drink at Starbucks. I had thought about re-reading it as soon as I finished, but I really want Jeremy to have a go at it, so I delved into his next book entitled A New Earth. I am loving it.

I have found these books to be an exceptional subway read. Nothing like a little spiritual enlightenment to make for a happy subway journey!! Today I managed to grab a seat on a packed subway, and had just pulled out my book, when I looked up to see the man who was standing directly in front of me was also reading A New Earth. We had a pleasant conversation about the book, and whether we were enjoying it (we both are). He is planning on re-reading it as soon as he has finished it too. Powerful books!! After a few minutes of happy conversation (and a number strange looks from the people around us wondering how two complete strangers could have such a pleasant exchange after a long day) we wished each other happy reading and continued on reading from where we had left off.

My stop came before his, and I wished him a good night and told him that I enjoyed our conversation. To this he replied, "Enjoy your life!"

"Thank you..... I will!" I responded as I started to leave. The doors closed behind me and with that sound came the realization- not "I will" but "I am!!!" In joy in my life.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

new blog coming soon

These are exciting times, and exciting times require exciting blogs.
Coming soon to a computer screen near you.
more info to follow shortly.


I am love, love, loving playing in an Orchestra every week. Playing principal flute is just the icing on the cake.

I am also loving that Greg Patillo, THE amazing beat boxing flute player, is coming to Toronto to do a masterclass. HOWEVER I AM NOT LOVING THAT he'll be here on the same day and at the same time as my last orchestra rehearsal before our first concert October 17th.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunny Sunday Randomness

It's a sunny, beautiful day. Jeremy and I took advantage and went for a 2 hour walk through High Park, with 10o,000 other people, to take in the spectacular cherry tree blossoms.
We quickly decided to detour away from the massive crowds and walked past the pond, only to see a rookery of Double-Crested Cormorant's sunning themselves.... with the males clearly showing signs of spring with their showy wing flapping, 'pick me!!' behavior.
We took pictures of Magnolia trees in their full glory while we walked along one of my favourite streets in the city.
We were bad and got an iced americano (no sugar please!) from Starbucks, and then planned a feast of a dinner on our leisurely walk home, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and mushroom and asparagus risotto- I love this time of year!! Fresh asparagus is so good! We had a laugh when we got inside our little place and heard our neighbours blasting "The Log-Drivers Waltz" (click it for a refresher if you don't know what I'm talking about....) from their backyard... we were laughing a little less when we realized it was on loop, and has been repeating for the last half an hour... maybe I should pull out the piccolo.....
This pic doesn't really have much to do with the last paragraph, but it's from High Park too!!